Acupuncture for Alcohol Use Problems

Yes it can! Auricular (ear) acupuncture is a natural, chemical–free and inexpensive therapy you can add to your existing program, as another piece of your own personal “tool-kit” to get and stay sober.

Here’s how it can help you in your journey:

  • Reduces cravings
  • Calms & relaxes
  • Redirects your energy to break habits
  • Regulates the nervous system and the organs involved in ridding your body of toxins
  • Helps you learn and reinforce the concept of taking a “time out” & deep breathing
  • Helps you look within yourself for the “reward” rather than seek it externally
  • Helps manage withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia and depression

And as a holistic treatment, the energetic balancing of your entire being is a positive step toward better health and wellness.

My treatment plans at UHC are a series of individual, private sessions. During the first appointment I spend more time with you in order to better understand what your needs are.  After the first visit, appointments take about a half hour each session.  30-40 minutes is spent in a relaxed, comfortable and private space of our pleasant treatment room.  Most clients find the treatments restful, meditative and rejuvenating.

You can schedule an appointment by calling the office at 206.525.8015. If you have questions, or don’t know if acupuncture would benefit you, you can call for a free 10 min consult.

Nancy Paine Sherman, L.Ac.

About the Writer

University Health Clinic Acupuncturist

As the University Health Clinic’s acupuncturist with more than 10 years experience practicing Chinese Medicine, Nancy’s special interests include helping you with pain management, fatigue and using acupuncture as an effective adjunct therapy for mental health. She believes in holistic treatment plans that will lead you to a more balanced state of wellness.

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