Depressed, Anxious, Worried, or Unable to Focus?

How can acupuncture help with mental & emotional health?

In Chinese Medicine the mind is viewed as more than the brain.  The analytical mind, the spirit (or soul) and the emotional aspects of ourselves are all one in the same.  Also, the body and the mind (the shen) are not separate parts of a person but one whole person who is energetically changing and shifting ceaselessly, striving to achieve balance.

Our internal organ systems, which are accessed via acupuncture points along the energetic channels (meridians) of our bodies have an influence on our emotions, with each system being closely related to a specific emotional/mental state:

  • Lungs → sadness, grief, loss
  • Heart → joy
  • Spleen → worry, over-thinking
  • Kidneys → fear
  • Liver →– anger, irritability

These systems can become out of balance and generate these feelings (or the reverse can happen; the emotion can influence the corresponding organ system), or both can happen simultaneously.  The right treatment designed and delivered by a professional acupuncturist can restore harmony.

At the same time, the Yin & Yang  of a person can become out of balance leading to emotional conditions, such as erratic thinking & poor focus.

Qi (our life energy), which flows through the meridians, can often become “stuck”, causing depression, or the feeling of being jammed.  Again, a good treatment of well-selected acupuncture points intended to move and rebalance the qi can be profoundly beneficial.

Acupuncture can provide a holistic, natural therapy without chemicals or adverse side effects to help you achieve and maintain mental/emotional well-being.

About the Writer

University Health Clinic Acupuncturist

As an acupuncturist with more than 10 years experience practicing Chinese Medicine, Nancy’s special interests include helping you with pain management, fatigue and using acupuncture as an effective adjunct therapy for mental health. She believes in holistic treatment plans that will lead you to a more balanced state of wellness.