Diane Larson

Diane Larson

We are excited to have Diane Larson back from sabbatical.  She brings an additional element to our medical care to address the energetic imbalances that can be obstacles to cure for some of our patients.

A method of Energy Healing created in the late 1800’s in Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui, Reiki is the Life Force Energy which sustains and restores us, bringing us back to optimum health and balance. When the body becomes depleted of this energy, and if there has been injury or trauma inflicted upon the body, mind and/or emotions, imbalances and energetic blocks begin to manifest. These imbalances and energetic blocks are the root cause for most ailments. By restoring the body with Reiki, the energetic blocks start to surface and dissolve as one’s energy begins to flow uninterrupted and the body goes back into balance. At this point, vibrant health of the Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Bodies becomes a reality.

Reiki returns us to our original state of wellness and equanimity, reminding our body of its inherent ability to self-heal, dissolving emotional blocks, creating clarity of thought and enhancing our spiritual essence. What message does your dis-ease or condition hold for you? Reiki aids in revealing this essential information creating a healing transformation to occur, releasing any unhealthy holding patterns which may be keeping you stuck in the state of dis-ease. Bringing in awareness is one of the first and most important steps to obtain concrete curative results. Healing means to make whole, this wholeness initiates personal development and inner growth which is a prominent aspect of this restorative process

Reiki Master Diane Larson has devoted her life to the integrative field of Energy Medicine, treating a multitude of chronic and acute conditions from Cancer to Crohn’s, Anxiety to Addictions, Insomnia to Imbalances, Pain to Recovery from Surgical procedures and most everything in between.  Assisting individuals to heal on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels since 2006 has been an ongoing passion of hers. In 2014, Diane was invited by the Doctors at the Meridian Medicine to join their team of medical professionals, since then she has been the Reiki Master on staff at the clinic.

As a member of The Reiki Alliance, she is committed to maintaining the founding principles of Usui Shiki Ryoho.  This international organization of Reiki Masters practice the authentic form of Reiki that was “entrusted” to the western world from Japan in 1936.  Alliance members are guided by professional standards and a strict code of ethics.

Call 808-385-4661, or Click Here to schedule.  You can also visit SeattleCityReiki.com for more information.


I have been seeing Diane for Reiki Treatments to relieve stress; I also took the First Degree Reiki training with her. When I had to undergo a full thyroidectomy, I feel the Reiki Treatments I received from Diane and my self-treatments helped in my quick recovery. I had a few treatments prior to surgery and a distance treatment literally
right before the surgery started, while in my hospital gown. I could literally feel my body relax when she started the distant treatment – amazing! I was up and walking a few hours after surgery, had an amazing amount of energy (despite having a bad head cold as well!) and had zero nausea. Post-surgery, I did self-treatments and a couple with Diane. The self-treatments helped with sleep, which is so essential for recovery. I was off the pain meds two days after surgery and really felt back to myself after a few days. My nurses and surgeon were pretty amazed at my recovery! My treatments with Diane allowed my body to release and let go of the trauma I had experienced emotionally and physically. I would recommend to anyone requiring surgery to get as much Reiki energy as possible into their body! I know it really helped me. –Lori K., Seattle, Washington

Reiki with Diane is a sublime healing experience. Diane is compassionate, kind, loving and highly skilled at Reiki. She has the ability to feel deeply and tune into what is going on in your energy field. The Reiki treatment will take you to deep levels of relaxation thus allowing your vital life energies to diffuse throughout your mind body Spirit bringing forth a wonderful healing. –Steven H., Lopez Island, WA

I want to let you know how much you have changed my life. I first came to you because of the arthritis in my knee. Not only did Reiki help my knee pain, but it also helped other parts of my body feel better as well. When you gave my very first Reiki treatment I noticed pressure from behind my eyes was gone, which made me feel more alert.
Because of your encouragement, I took the classes for First Degree Reiki so that I could give myself Reiki. I believe that because of Reiki I am prolonging the day when I will require a knee replacement. –Robin H., Occupational Therapist, Anchorage, Alaska

We returned home from our trip to Seattle yesterday, and I am happy to report that I am still feeling the positive effects of my Reiki treatment. All of the tension and anxiety I have felt for so long is gone! Another thing I realized after I left is that I can breathe “deeply” again–one thing I haven’t done in a very long time. I used to find myself breathing pretty shallowly — sometimes even holding my breath–maybe associated with the tension I was feeling…? I also do not have the overwhelmed/scattered feeling that I had before. Reiki is truly amazing! I definitely am looking forward to scheduling another appointment when we make it over to the west side again. Hopefully soon! –Stephanie K., Post Falls, Idaho

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