Make an Appointment

Call our office at 206.525.8015 or use our online scheduler below to schedule an appointment with one of our practitioners. If you already know who you would like to see, ask for them by name. New patients can download our intake forms below. If you have questions about which provider is best for you, please call the office and our staff will guide you.

If you are an established patient with an acute health concern and cannot locate an appointment online, please call the office. Our staff can help to schedule you with the first available physician. 

*Please note: The scheduling software only allows for male/female gender options. If neither of these apply to you, please select the one that best matches your legal gender. During your first visit, please do let us know your gender and preferred pronoun.

Comprehensive Intake Forms

Once you have scheduled your first appointment, our office will ask you to complete intake forms before your visit. These forms will cover your health history, family history, current medical issues, and insurance information.  Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time to make sure we can get you fully registered.  It is also advised that you call your insurance company to verify you have naturopathic benefits with one of our providers prior to your appointment.

You can access these forms by downloading them.

Past Medical Records

It is helpful if you bring copies of your past medical records or have them sent to us ahead of time. Our desk staff can help you gather these, or facilitate the appropriate release of records forms.

What is a Naturopath?

If you have never been to a Naturopathic Physician, you can find complete descriptions of our medical philosophies and training here: What Is Naturopathic Medicine?