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Exercise for diabetic health, dementia prevention, and so on…

October 21, 2013

Exercise.  What is it about that word?  For many of us the idea of moving our bodies on a daily basis seems quaint or too simple to actually work. Fortunately, scientists have been working their hardest to perform controlled experiments to measure the health benefits of exercise.

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Is extra weight protective against disease? No

September 30, 2013

Watching the headlines versus watching one’s weight You may have heard that a recent study published in March 2013 in the Journal of the American Medical Association has concluded that being overweight is protective against death.  How can this be accurate?  The answer: It isn’t.

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Stage Fright and Acupuncture

December 9, 2012

Stage Fright and Acupuncture Are you one of the many artists who struggle with performance anxiety and stage-fright?

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Depression and Autoimmune Disease

September 25, 2012

Depression and Autoimmune Disease The drug Prozac was released for public consumption in 1988 for the treatment of depression, alcoholism, and weight loss, among other things.  While there is a great deal of debate as to whether clinical depression,  and related diseases, such as bi-polar disorder, require permanent pharmaceutical intervention, one thing is perfectly clear:

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UHC Weight Loss that Works– An Update!

September 25, 2012

Wow!  It continues to amaze me.  I now have at least 20 people on or finished with the initial phases of the Ultra-lite plan and I can honestly say that everyone feels better and is losing weight!  I have lost some weight, my husband and a family friend have lost almost 50 pounds each, and […]

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Losing weight the right way!

August 21, 2012

I have never been one for programs, in fact, no practitioner here at The UHC has ever been into one-size-fits-all programs.  Then I tried out this diet plan…now I have to run an informal clinical study on it!!!

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Depression and Your Gut

July 23, 2012

Have you even been anxious and had your stomach hurt?  Depressed and had no desire to eat, or craved certain foods?

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Boost your Immune System

July 13, 2012

The 12 Best Ways to Boost Your Immune System When the weather gets wet and dreary, our gathering places become incubators for the spread of viruses, like colds and flus. 
Is sickness inevitable in winter? Not necessarily, if you have a strong immune system, you can make it through the season, staying bright and robust […]

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Addictions – Acupuncture Helps

July 10, 2012

Can Acupuncture help you with addiction recovery including smoking cessation? Yes, auricular (ear) acupuncture is a natural, chemical–free and inexpensive therapy you can add to your program as another piece of your own personal “tool-kit” to get and stay clean, sober or smoke-free.  Here’s how it can help you in your journey:

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Computers and Exercise: Good for Your Brain!

June 25, 2012

The Mayo Clinic Study of Aging just released findings that describe a reduced risk for cognitive decline in people who actively use a computer and participate in physical exercise.

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