Guide to Self-care for COVID-19 & Beyond

During this current public health crisis it is beyond challenging to stay centered, healthy and entertained.  Practicing in Seattle, the epicenter of this outbreak, we have been at the forefront of the fight, fielding phone calls from many patients with and without symptoms.  Patients are rightly concerned for themselves, their families and their way of life.  We are all beginning to understand the role we play in protecting others from a public health perspective, but it is a challenge to change how we do everything in our daily lives. We have all learned how to wash our hands, wipe down…

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Feeling stressed? Try this exercise

The vagus nerve, from the latin term for wanderer, is the longest nerve in the body and is in control of most of our internal organs as it wanders from the brain to the colon. One of its primary roles beyond being a highway of nerve signals to and from the brain to control digestion and breathing is it's profound effect on relaxing the body. Most of us are familiar with the 'flight or fight' response - you know, running from the proverbial saber tooth tiger - When we are stressed, we shut down digestion, we take shallower breaths, increase…

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Depressed, Anxious, Worried, or Unable to Focus?

How can acupuncture help with mental & emotional health?

In Chinese Medicine the mind is viewed as more than the brain.  The analytical mind, the spirit (or soul) and the emotional aspects of ourselves are all one in the same.  Also, the body and the mind (the shen) are not separate parts of a person but one whole person who is energetically changing and shifting ceaselessly, striving to achieve balance.


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