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As a naturopathic family practitioner at Meridian Medicine in Seattle, Dr. Fahoum’s interests and specialties include women's health, nutrition and digestive concerns.  Whether you are in need of basic primary care, have PMS, menopausal issues, hypothyroid or IBS, she views healing as a dynamic process, unique to each person, with different treatments appropriate for different patients. This philosophy allows her the flexibility to move easily between conventional and natural treatments.

Dr. Fahoum began her study in medicine at the University of Washington where she received her B.S. in Cellular and Molecular Biology. After exploring the world of research as an undergraduate at the University of Washington, Dr. Fahoum realized that the key to your health is not adequately addressed in the laboratory. Rather, the key is to educate and help you understand, and apply, those changes to your unique life circumstance.

After U of W, she went on to study the science of natural medicine at Bastyr University, graduating in 2004 with a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine. Outside primary care practice, her work also includes public educational forums on naturopathic medicine and she is also the Director of Clinical Services at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health.

Professionally, Dr. Fahoum is past-president of her state organization, Washington Association of Naturopathic Physicians (WANP). She and the board have actively been working to expand knowledge and access to naturopathic primary care in the State of Washington.  She is a member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians as well, where she is currently on the House of Delegates for Washington State.

Whatever free time there is left, Dr. Mona plays women's soccer and can be found snowboarding at Stevens Pass whenever she is not with her husband and two wonderful kids.

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"Dr. Mona got me off Snickers Bars, Coke, and Diet Coke. Not by being dogmatic and insistent like every other natural and alternative health care practitioner I’ve ever known. She did it by meeting me where I am, giving me gentle guidance in how to think through my diet, and knowing that this is a lifelong process of improving my health. Thanks to Dr. Mona, at 44, I’m healthier, more energetic and more positive about living a vibrant long life than I ever imagined."   —B.R.

"Dr. Mona is intelligent, diligent, caring and sensitive–from my experience with doctors this is a rare combination. She has helped with find solutions for my constant anemia and most importantly we have found other solutions to aid my ulcerative colitis that is not prescription medicine. Currently, I take hardly any prescription drugs and I am living a healthy happy symptom-free life. I go to Dr. Mona for everything and she always finds an answer for me. She is more than a doctor–a confident and a friend and I recommend her to everyone."  -A.N.

"First of all, I highly recommend Dr. Mona Fahoum as your Naturopathic Physician. She is thoughtful and caring and spent some quality time with me even though she was clearly having a stressful, jam-packed day at the office! She is kind and funny and spends MUCH more time with her patients than any M.D. you will ever find! Instead of the 15 minutes you get if you’re LUCKY with most physicians, Dr. Mona spent 45 with me, talking and listening before she ever did a physical exam! I am excited to have her as my new primary care physician. I highly recommend this clinic for all of your healthcare needs! The space is cozy, the practitioners are great, they really care about you and give the personal attention that patients should ALWAYS be receiving!" -B.R

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