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Our naturopathic doctors are listed as Primary Care Providers (PCPs) with most insurance companies in the State of Washington. Plans and benefits are different from company to company and from plan to plan.  It is your responsibility to clarify benefits and coverage with your insurance company before seeing one of our practitioners.

Some of the plans we accept include: Regence BlueShield, Premera BlueCross, Lifewise, Uniform and United.

Here’s What You Need to Know

When you call your insurance company, you will want to find out if:

– your practitioner is covered by your plan
– if you need a referral
– if you have a deductible
– if there is a limit on the number of visits allowed per year

Covered and Non-Covered Services

All credentialed providers must sign contracts with insurance companies and abide by the guidelines within those contracts.  This means we cannot bill your insurance company for services that are not medically necessary to benefit your immediate health, and we will not bill you the difference between our price and their contracted rates.

While most visits are covered for existing health concerns, we cannot always bill for things like weight loss, counseling visits, or certain lab tests.   Most plans provide for at least one preventive health visit a year such as an annual physical / gynecological exam.  We will always discuss your treatment options with you in order to avoid any surprise bills and we offer a discount to patients who pay at the time of service.

Uninsured Patients

We do our best to provide cost-effective health care for all of our patients at our Seattle clinic.  We offer a discount to patients who pay at the time of service.

Supplements/Natural Medicines

Due to the lack of FDA regulation of many natural medicines and supplements these are not covered by your drug benefit.  However, when prescribed by one of our practitioners, you do not have to pay tax on these medicines according to Washington State law.  In addition, many Health Savings and Flexible Spending Accounts will cover most of these prescription items.  Ask our front desk to help you with the necessary documentation.

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