Metabolic Syndrome & Diabetes

Metabolic syndrome and diabetes are two conditions on the same spectrum. Most type 2 diabetic patients started as people with metabolic syndrome. At Meridian Medicine, our goal is to help you back away from the diagnosis of diabetes, or if you have diabetes already, we will help to manage it more naturally and help reverse or minimize complications.


If 3 of the bullet-points below apply to you, then you already have metabolic syndrome and are too close to diabetes:

  • A large waistline. This also is called abdominal obesity or “having an apple shape.” This means >35-inch waist for women or >40-inches for men.
  • A high triglyceride level, >150mg/dL.
  • A low HDL cholesterol level (<40 mg/dL). HDL sometimes is called “good” cholesterol.
  • High blood pressure (or you’re on medicine to treat high blood pressure). Anything over 135/85 is suboptimal.
  • High fasting blood sugar, >100 mg/dL.

Treatment & Why It's Important

All of our providers are trained in nutritional interventions to help you live healthier and support optimal blood sugar control resulting in reduced risk for heart disease and diabetes. Additionally, we can recommend exercise, supplements, herbs and medications that will help keep your diabetes well-managed, avoid complications or avoid that diagnosis entirely!

Metabolic syndrome, diabetes and the risk they pose to your heart health, are appropriately called the ‘silent killers’. Excess sugars in the blood stream often do not cause immediate symptoms that you notice on a day to day basis. What they do cause is inflammation, damage to small blood vessels, especially in the eyes and kidneys and basically starve your cells of energy.

It is our job to help you prioritize your health, diet and exercise to improve your overall health and your lab numbers! We do our best to meet you where you are in that process, building on your knowledge or starting from scratch with skills for taking control and getting healthy!

We do much of this teaching and education in our office, but we will also utilize a number of excellent nutritionists in the Seattle area if you are in need of daily menus, shopping lists or exercise training.